Head & Heart!

Smart Holiday Hotels
for Exciting Times.

Orange Lion Hospitality has been designing smart holiday experiences since 2005. Everything is communication. We are all linked together like never before in time. It starts even before the guest checks in at the hotel and doesn’t end when he is already back home. We turn memorable holiday moments into brand moments. Behind the scenes, we ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, and at the touchpoints we trigger goosebumps. It is the joint adventure of the head and the heart.

The Only Journey You Might Regret
Is The One You Haven’t Gone On.

Whether you want to go on the next trip with your leisure property, or whether you want to dare to conquer new grounds in hospitality business: We focus on what touches people, because we know that bookings are decided from the gut. We turn ideas into solutions and solutions into reality. We conceive, orchestrate, design and create visions and interweave them with processes, furniture, drinks, experiences, views and locations in places of longing.

The opposite of
plain vanilla.

We invented the ARBOREA Resorts concept "Experience Together" and worked on the me and all Hotels idea. Hotels are like a dime a dozen out there. What drives us, is to create a new approach every time. We never settle with the way leisure hotels and F&B concepts used to be. Today’s travellers want to experience something special, in a casual retreat as well as on adventure trips, and quickly checking emails in a workloft in between is simply a matter of course for many of us.

Processes are the

Processes are essential and services without clear structures are chaotic and expensive. We design, standardize and simplify, we minimize legwork and eliminate detours, analogue and digital. So you can have more workload done with less staff, fewer mistakes happen, and customer satisfaction increases. Especially if the guest has the feeling to influence his own experience, e.g. by using digital devices or self-services. Neuromarketing calls this effect illusion of control. The more control the customer can take over himself, the better he feels, the more likely it is that he books, and the more he consumes.