That Cannot
Be Pigeonholed.

From Conception Design
to the Simplification of Operations.

We do hotels. We have been providing start-up support with creative concepts and smart processes since 2005. Our customers are hotel operators, project developers, private investors, family offices or hosts who are looking for a striving new leisure hotel concept for new or existing locations. We provide a comprehensive approach, including the assessment of the hotel project site, a feasibility study, architecture, kitchen planning, pre-opening or post-opening support. We can also offer individual packages, tailormade for your needs.

Until you feel the heartbeat.

If something does not trigger your feelings, our brain evaluates it as rather worthless. If we look at it the other way round this means: The stronger a feeling is triggered by something, the more valuable it becomes for us! That is how people fall in love with products, services and brands! Because brands can stimulate the same areas of the brain as when we fall in love with a person. Crazy but true, and a game-changer for our work and your hotel brand.

Making Life

How do your guests of tomorrow want to enjoy their holidays? The future of your hotel depends on the way you pave today: How your procurement is organized, how the paths for your staff are, how your hotel becomes energy self-sufficient. This is where we come in. It's like at school: If you don’t do your homework now, this will take revenge later. We don't need to get married right away. You book us for precisely defined issues such as checking area planning and function programs, operational management concepts, technical assistance or the search of a suitable operator for your hotel.


While in your hotel, your guests are in contact with your brand virtually non-stop. That sounds great, but it also means that the likelihood of disadvantageous brand experience is just as high as it is of excellent ones. Fortunately, there is the peak-end rule. When the guest has left and is considering coming back, he bases his considerations on his memory. Therefore, the decisive factor is what he remembers! And he forms this recall – unconsciously – as an average of the most positive experiences of his stay and the (hopefully positive) ending. This is one of the approaches we effect to support your brand personality.