From Old
to #theplacetobe.

We revitalize your hotel, #purposefirst. We help you to define why the market needs your hotel. We get to the heart of your hotel's theme and soul. And we identify which target groups share the same passion. In doing so, your renovation project becomes a revitalization project with new opportunities and possibilities – and your hotel becomes a magnet.

Two Times

Sustainable? Sure, but it’s not all too easy with portfolio properties. While new buildings can be designed for a cradle-to-cradle life-cycle right from the start, revitalization and renovation projects often come up with surprising contaminations. In addition to the protection of the environment, the second pillar of sustainability is just as important to us, the socio-cultural one: social commitment, ethical behavior and corporate responsibility. Same to you?

Cult: The IKEA Effect.

Everyone knows this: If you have invested a lot of blood, sweat, effort and time into something, you value it just so much more. This applies to snatching festival tickets as well as to the self-assembled wardrobe. But also, and this is exciting, when we’re thinking! We therefore automatically find our own ideas better than those of others. This means that if we involve your customers and employees in the process of revitalization, they will automatically like the result more!

Icons of
Our time.

People behave differently in a hotel than in their own home. Being someone else for a few days, living in another world for a few nights... Architecture and design create meeting places, spaces for movement and experience. Basal functions need to be fulfilled and magical moments need to be conjured up at the same time. We perform this balancing act with you. And we thus design a place that itself becomes a destination . #mustsee