One Goal:
To Make Unrivaled Leisure
Hotels Inimitably Smart.

Turning Great Ideas
Into Unique Experiences.

It's not just about extraordinary ideas. It's about implementing these ideas in such a way that they work reliably in everyday hotel operations. For the guests, the employees, the partners, the environment, and for the financial results. We have always been into just that: smart concepts for the holiday hotel industry. For new development projects as well as for existing hotels which want or need to take the next step.

Johann Kerkhofs.

"We are driving sustainability in the hotel industry. It is high time for the transformation, because hotels produce a lot of garbage and food waste and need a good deal of energy. Sustainability benefits everyone, ensures well-being and ultimately saves money in many ways."

Thomas Riegelein.

"When everything is constantly changing, your holiday home becomes the longed-for anchorage. Arrive, take a deep breath, let go. We help leisure hotels to make come true what people dream of. With smart processes, controllable costs and, of course, unforgettable experiences."


We Society, mindfulness, DIY: Trend and future researchers give us important impulses for the hotel industry of the future. Where else can people try out new things without having to turn their everyday lives upside down, if not on vacation? Hotels that offer their guests exciting new experiences thus become relevant to target groups which share the same values.

Up close.

In the hospitality industry, we are closer to our customers than most of the other industries. We design the interaction with your guests, on 365 days a year, even if you run an apartment hotel or a holiday home park without F&B, reception or personal check-in service. With the help of digital solutions, your brand can be spontaneous, lively and useful.